community & benefits

Come for the space,
stay for the perks
(and the people)

Our spaces and our community are closely linked with START IT @KBC, the biggest accelerator programme in Belgium.

This means a seat with us is a seat at the table with entrepreneurs and innovators from all kinds of industries.

As a member, you have access to the expertise of all the other members. Solutions are often literally within arm’s reach.

Once you’re a Start it Hub member, you don’t just get access to our co-working spaces with all the facilities you need, you also get access to our network, our facilities and selected events & workshops aimed at accelerating your sustainable growth as a business.

Startit HUBS 73 1

The pleasant environment full of inspiring people in Start it Hubs pushes you to go one step further and the network of partners seems unlimited!

Wim Pieters, Coördinator Innovatie & Duurzaamheid, CIRCL

As the huapii team was growing, we realized a great workplace was important for our employees. At Start it Hubs we have our own working space, we are able to meet with other startups and always have access to plenty of meeting rooms. The ability to use the different locations across Belgium for our meetings is also a great asset.

Kristof Stevens, Chief Growth Officer, huapii

Our members are literally in the right place to connect with other entrepreneurs and benefit from their network and expertise.

Lode Uytterschaut, CEO Start it X